There’s one phrase every parent hears no less than 700 times (on average) during winter break. Can you guess what it is? If you answered, “I’m bored,” you are correct! We know how tough it can be to keep your kiddos engaged when schedules are interrupted. To make your life just a bit easier, we rounded up seven activities that will get your kids moving, avoid their boredom, and keep screen time to a minimum.

Build an Obstacle Course

Take a second to come to terms with the fact that your living room will look like a tornado went through it, but it’s worth it. Have your kids design and build a fun obstacle course throughout the house. Build tunnels out of cardboard boxes that are sure to be in your garage after the holidays and create roadblocks with dining chairs. Get creative and have fun with it! Once the obstacle course is built, take turns timing the kids and see who can complete the course in the shortest amount of time!

Go “Bowling” in Your Hallway

Sure, you can take your kids to a bowling alley, but it can be pricey and chaotic. Instead, stay in your PJs and create a lane in your own hallway! Place plastic cups in a pyramid shape and use a small ball to roll down the hallway. STRIKE! If you don’t have plastic cups, plastic bottles of water work great as well.

Take Dance Parties Up a Notch

It’s time to turn down the blinds and turn up the music! When your kids are getting rowdy and need to get some serious wiggles out, a dance party is a must. Create a playlist with your kids with all of their favorite songs, turn on some Christmas lights and grab those glowsticks you have in your freezer leftover from the Fourth of July—it’s time to boogie!

Get Outside and Go on an Adventure

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing—so whether you’re bundled up in Minnesota or feeling the heat in Texas, everyone can get outside. Create a scavenger hunt and set out to find everything on your list. While you’re exploring, enjoy the fresh air and rest easy knowing your kiddos will be tired come bedtime.

Make a “Spider Web”

Every good action movie has scene with a web of lasers just waiting to set off an alarm. Now, you can recreate the action in your own house! Using painters tape, weave a pattern of “laser beams” across a hallway. Let your kids navigate their way through without touching any of the tape. Lots of laughs are sure to ensue!

Play Balloon Tennis

Take a trip to your local dollar store and pick up a few fly swatters and some balloons. Why? Because it’s time to play tennis! Blow up a few balloons for your tennis balls and use the fly swatters as racquets and you’re ready for game, set, match! Make sure to remove any breakable items from the “court” before playing, just in case.

Make Activity Dice

Grab a cardboard box and tape paper to each side. Once you’ve got all the sides covered, write a fun activity on each side of the box. Think: crabwalk, jumping jacks, frog jumps and more! Let each child take turns rolling the dice and your kiddos will be entertained while getting some major energy out.

This year, don’t let cabin fever get the best of you. When you start to feel the rumblings of a restless brood, make sure to give one of these fun and creative activities a try!