Norse Movement

Norse is an Online Strength & Conditioning Company.

Norse Movement

Built on the legendary beliefs of the Vikings:


Comes a legendary Strength & Conditioning company.

We’re in the business of making champions!!!

We specialise in programmes for competitive athletes in various sporting codes, whether it’s in the gym, on the field or the track. We’ve got a team of coaches who specialise in your discipline whose sole passion is to get you to the top of the podium!

We’ve worked with every type on the planet, from championship teams & athletes to 50-year-old moms who want to move well. We’ll give you the experience of training like an athlete while giving you the best body you’ve had in years!

Norse is host to the Regional, National & Continental Sporting champions in multiple disciplines and we’re always aiming higher.

In short, we’re a team of globally recognised trainers who eat, breathe and sleep this.

Norse Movement

Move Like a Warrior

Norse Movement

The Norse movement series is designed to improve your movement patterns. No more pain in joints or being injury prone. It is specifically designed to improve muscle elasticity and stabilisation.

This programme strives to help every individual from weekend warriors to the pro’s live pain free and injury free. We’ll get you moving smoother and faster than ever before while making you bulletproof.


This programme is a once off purchase with new versions being released constantly throughout the year. So, you can use them anytime!
Norse Movement



Training 3 days / week

Who's it for?

  • Anybody looking to move better and reduce injury.

What You Get?

  • Improved performance.
  • Increased mobility & flexibility.
  • Reduced injury!
  • Better movement.

If you want to be bulletproof – this one is for you!