It’s been one of the trendiest words in fitness in a while, how many times have you heard a trainer or coach talk about how ‘this works your core’ followed up with some sit-ups and planks 

But Now think of the general ‘core’ workout consisting of your planks and sit-ups and general contraction exercises, you’ll notice it fails to cover or strengthen half the movements involved around your spine. \ 

Here’s an alternate way of looking at it 

Use the following template for core workout exercise selection 

  • Hip Hinge 
  • Lateral 
  • Stability/Balance 
  • Rotation 
  • Contraction 

An example workout using the following template: 

Exercise  Type  Sets/Reps 
Good mornings  Hip Hinge  3/20 
Side Plank Pulse  Lateral  3/20 
Swiss Ball Plank  Stability/Balance  3/20 
Russian Twist  Russian Twist  3/20 
Hanging Leg Raises  Contraction  3/20